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Kelling Heath Lodge Guide

The first point is that there is no specific meaning to "lodge" at Kelling Heath, Norfolk or elsewhere although the word suggests something bigger and more permanent than a caravan and also that it will be constructed from natural timber, although the latter is now by no means a standard. However, the use of the word "lodge" may well simply indicate something that is considered a higher grade mobile home.

Lodges at Kelling Heath are generally larger than caravans and the specific point tends to be that they are wider. generally up to 20 foot. Length may vary but will generally at Kelling Heath not exceed 42 foot. An important consideration is that whilst plots are certainly larger and more private than many holiday parks it is almost impossible to gain for permission to remove a tree or other substantial plant for any reason, except possibly safety.

It is wise to consider what you want from a lodge, at Kelling Heath or anywhere else be it Norfolk or beyond. If you want maximum accommodation you can find a 20 foot lodge with 3/4 sleeping areas that will take eight people. If you go for this and do not intend to spend much time in the lodge and only want basic facilities then you could be well satisfied with something that is giving you more space than a caravan and perhaps better facilities although at this level these may be restricted.

On the other hand we have chosen to have Whistle Stop lodge at Kelling Heath specifically constructed for the use by no more than six persons with two good size bedrooms and a third bedroom for children incorporating 'shorty' bunk beds (suitable for younger children with the upper bunk for 6 years and over) together with an en suite shower room and a seperate bathroom as well as installing high quality furniture, fittings and accessories. Clearly this will not provide the cheapest option for a holiday but as we have found from applying the same policy at our town cottages in Holt the cost need not be prohibitive and guests' expectations can be met and often exceeded.

Kelling Heath in North Norfolk is different. There are not regimented rows of caravans/lodges a few feet from each other in never ending lines with parking either taking up all of the outside space or being a long walk away. The lodges are on larger plots and offer a private haven for rest and relaxation in a setting that really is "away from it all" but does provide services and pastimes that you want close by.

Kelling Heath does not have loud music and the like going on into the early hours, although it does provide quality live enetertainment both in the Forge and, in the milder months, outside in the square. Outside entertainment will generally finish by around 11pm although our lodge is at sufficient distance and shielded to make any sound generally unobtrusive outdoors and not heard within.

A particular point to note is that Kelling Heath Park does have some quite specific rules with regard to behaviour and general conduct and these are enforced by security and other staff. These regulations are not draconian but they are based on protecting the natural habitat and preventing the disruption of enjoyment of the many, often returning guests, by the inconsiderate few. The mantra is fairly simple "if you do not like the rules don't join the club!"

If you want a simple, clean and reasonably comfortable lodge these can be found in the park and are likely to provide you with a what is needed for an enjoyable stay. If, on the other hand, you want something extra in terms of space, comfort and luxury then we would suggest you take a closer look at what we offer at Kelling Heath, from beds and other furniture through to domestic and entertainment equipment and external provisions. What we have set out to do at our Kelling Heath Lodge is to provide those extra touches and service that have made our Holt cottages so popular, with many guests making repeat visits.

You might also consider whether you want to have a holiday that feels as if you really are in your own space rather than somewhere that seems to cram in as many units as possible. Kelling Heath can claim to be unique with very private large plots set in a habitat that is more rare than tropical rain forest and at the same time close to the coast, sea and local attractions.

Think carefully before you choose a lodge for your holiday, be it here at Kelling Heath or elsewhere, as you are investing the one asset that you cannot replace, your free time to do as you wish. Yesterday is gone forever, memories you keep.

If you want to find that "special place" and want luxury to compliment it then look through this website.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at Kelling Heath.

Yours sincerely

Joanne, James Edward & Barry Whiffin

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